Filmmaking is not a medium that you head into alone. Every person is crucial on our film sets and we strive to work together for the finish line. Not only are these people completely full of talent, but they're super great to work with as well!

CALEB VETTER - director

For years now, Caleb has been at the helm of many projects, including feature films and commercials, as well as collaborating with others on theirs. His forward thinking and organized style has been integral to keeping projects on track, as well as delivered on time. Side note, his first car was a 1977 forest green MG Midget. Fun ride.

Handle // @calebvetter


CORY VETTER - cinematographer

Nobody wants to look at lousy footage, right? Ok, good. Cory's natural eye for creating beautiful imagery is a skill set that he brings to the table with each new project. In addition to being on set as a cinematographer, he comes alongside Caleb after the edit is done as the colorist to make sure every frame is the best it can be. Cory enjoys traveling, a good cigar, and reasonable high-fives.

Handle // @coryvetter

WESLEY ELDER - producer

Hailing originally from North Carolina, Wesley is the driving force behind any endeavor that Vetter Brothers takes on. From location scouting, to budgets, to even just making sure we have enough sweet tea on set, Wesley has it covered. In addition, Wesley is a seasoned actor, appearing in several feature films including The Matchbreaker. His efficient approach to filmmaking helps us stay on target, on budget, and have a blast in the process.

Handle // @thewesleyelder

HEIDI BOWLES - hair/makeup artist

Heidi is without a doubt one of the nicest individuals to ever grace a room. As an industry veteran, her down-to-earth personality puts the talent at ease as she does her incredible work. We're thrilled to have her on the team!

Handle // @hrbowles


ADAM DORIA - sound technician

This guy. Just the sound of his name is music to our ears. Adam is our go-to sound technician, as well as the best person to have on set when the going gets tough. His winning attitude combined with his superior expertise in the audio field is an outstanding combination. Also, ask him for a tour of his movie-themed sleeve tattoo and you will not be disappointed.

Handle // @bbqcheesecake

EMILY NOLD - production designer

Along with a killer instinct for transforming ordinary spaces into the extraordinary, we'd like to think she's pretty hilarious. Regardless, there's no denying this girl's creativity and enthusiasm. A natural fit in the Vetter Brothers Filmworks culture.

Handle // @emilynold